Est Drinks is a mocktail company located in Toronto, Ontario. With our  mocktails, we are excited to fuel the fun with our drinks. Est Drinks started as a fun hobby and now an exciting passion that we will like to share with the world. Each refreshment has its own unique experience; therefore, we create all our favourable drinks with love and a pinch of fun!


With Est Drinks, it is always something sweet and something nice!

Meet the Founder

Est Drinks was founded by Oyin (Oyìnkansólà), mostly known as Esther-hence the name Est Drinks. Esther has loved blending all types of drinks since she was old enough to drink. Esther explained it as, “mixing drinks based on my mood and how I felt”.

Est Drinks started when one day she combined some favourable drinks for her best friends while spending an evening in with them. She named the drink Esta a la Pouche. Although the name sounded different, it did taste fantastic and made sense to her. While she made a second round for her friends, she told them that she will one day own her beverage company, as it is something, she has always loved doing...mixing drinks to produce a fascinating taste. She then went on to make mocktails as a hobby for friends' birthdays, weddings, small events and picnics.

Esther has now learnt the art and science behind taste and flavour; she is happy to share her love with her clients through her mocktails.

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